2 Blog Posts per Month

2 Blog Posts per Month

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2 (Two) Blog Posts per Month

All tasks will be completed by yours truly, which takes the stress and grief out of planning, writing, and publishing your blog content:

  • Create a monthly content calendar based on your specific business and content goals.
  • Research content for each blog post, including basic SEO (keywords, headlines, and subtitles)
  • Write a 500-word blog post, each with an attractive headline, unique content, and a call-to-action.
  • Upload and format the blog post to your specific platform with enough time for you to review.
  • Create and add shareable social media images that can be used to promote your blog post on social media.

Once purchased, an email will be sent with instructions on your next steps, including a link to my calendar to schedule our initial phone or video chat. This initial meeting will allow me to create a blogging strategy that will align with your business goals.


Can I have input into the content to be written?

Absolutely. The purpose of the phone or video meeting is so we can consider your business goals before creating any content for your blog. This includes type of content, your unique business brand, and specific categories you’d like shared on your blog.

Will I be able to review the blog post before it’s published?

Of course, if this is what you wish. We will communicate on a consistent regular schedule that is agreed upon when we meet for our initial meeting.

Can I customize the number of blog posts to be written each week?

Yes. I do have specific packages available based on the most popular blog writing schedules but we can certainly customize a blog writing package specifically for your needs. Simply schedule a phone meeting so we can chat more about this.

How will we communicate? 

I am always available via email, and do check it regularly between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday. I also use Trello, a project management system, which we can use to communicate at any time. This system also makes it easy to keep track of the content calendar, deadlines, and specific tasks, allowing you to check on the status of your business blog at any time.

Can I make changes in the middle of a blog campaign?

Yes, definitely. If you are making a change in your business and you want your blog to reflect that, changes can be made in order to accommodate those new goals.

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