Basic Website Audit + SEO

Basic Website Audit + SEO

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What is a Website Audit & Why Do I Need One?

A website audit is an analysis of the content and effectiveness of your website. An audit helps you improve your website's user-friendliness, design an eye-appealing layout, and write helpful and engaging content. It's the first step to discovering what is and what is not working in order to create a strategy for the future growth of your blog or business.

A website audit will answer questions like:

Is my website easy and simple to navigate?

Does my website clearly explain who I am and what I do?

Is there a clear Call-to-Action on my website?

Do I need to update any links or outdated content?

What keywords should I use?

How do I implement SEO? (and what is SEO anyway?)

What is Included?

I will conduct a review of your website and also offer recommendations based on the following:

  • CONTENT - grammar & tone of voice
  • DESIGN - mobile-friendliness & appealing layout
  • EFFECTIVENESS - user-friendly & simple navigation

This package also includes an SEO audit of your website and includes recommendations for the following:

  • High-ranking keywords in your niche
  • Placement & location of keywords
  • Headings, titles, tags
  • Image tags

You will also receive a video-recording of the specific review I completed and recommendations for increasing the overall effectiveness of your website.

How Will This Work?

Once purchased, I will send a questionnaire for you to complete. This will help me know your goals and plans for your blog or business. Next, I will email you with any further questions I have. Once I have all necessary information I will perform a 45 - 60-minute website audit using Zoom's screen-share feature. This will be recorded and sent to you via email, allowing you to see the specific review I completed and the recommendations for increasing the overall effectiveness of your website.

The website audit will be completed within of one week of the date I receive all necessary information from you. 

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