About You

You LOVE what you do, whether it's blogging, teaching, writing, consulting or selling. You’re a blogger, a coach, or a business owner. You spend countless hours meeting with clients, supporting your tribe, working behind the scenes, and creating quality products and service your tribe needs.

You also understand the importance of creative and quality content, how it can influence your audience and speak volumes about who are and what your business can provide for them.

And so do I.

About Me

As an entrepreneur and blogger for over 6 years, I’ve learned much about all things blogging – creating content, designing images, prioritizing my time, and discovering my purpose and passion.

With over 20 years experience as an administrative assistant. I understand the importance of #allthethings and how overwhelming that can be for a business owner or blogger. 

About Working Together

I LOVE to collaborate with people who have a passion they wish to share with the world, and as a new blogger, coach, or entrepreneur, you only have time to focus on the important – growing your blog or business.

I have been a writer and blogger for more than 6 years. My articles have been featured in Huffington Post and The Mighty. I love to write and I create all my own graphics and images. It’s imperative that my content, graphics, website, and social media platforms all reflect my personal brand.

I want to do the same thing for you.


My name is Samantha McDonald, Blogger, Freelance Writer, and Speaker.  

I understand you want someone with exceptional organizational skills and impeccable attention to detail to give you the same high-quality content and graphics creation services that I have performed for previous employers, for myself as a blogger and businesswoman, and for my current A-MAZING clients. 

I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me. We can chat more about how we can collaborate to create fabulous content for you and your business or blog. Simply click the button below to schedule your call today!








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