Content Audit Packages

Be confident in knowing that your content relates to your audience and engages with potential clients.

Your website is live and your emails are being sent but you're left wondering if they're connecting with your audience:

  • Is my message simple and easy to understand?
  • Are my words compelling enough for them to take action?
  • Do they feel like I understand their specific struggles?
  • Am I able to communicate clearly why they should work with me?

It would be so helpful to have a clear and simple message that:

  • Resonates with your ideal audience
  • Is spoken in your voice and brand
  • Engages potential clients and customers
  • Persuades them that YOU are the best solution

My professional content audits are a cost-effective and resourceful way to ensure your content relates to your audience, engages with potential clients, and compels them to take action. Click on each option below to discover what's included in each specific package.

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