The 5 W's of How Graphics Can Enhance Your Online Business: How?

How do you create these fabulous graphics?

This is a process that either excites you or makes you want to eat glass. I literally had a client tell me, “Can you create an opt-in for me? I’d rather eat glass.” lol!!

If you’re someone who does not enjoy this process, I highly suggest you find someone who does and hire this out. Why? Because they will take your content, your brand, your personality, and your business and create something you never dreamed would look so good. Creators tend to take a lot of pride in their work. I know when a client of mine tells me they love the copy I wrote for them or they never could’ve created a checklist that nice, it makes me feel wonderful.

For those of you who thoroughly enjoy and love creating, I highly recommend CANVA. (I have no business affiliation with CANVA. I like to recommend products I love to fellow business owners.)

CANVA is a free online platform that allows you to create a multitude of graphics and printables. They have over 50 pre-made templates you can choose from and then customize with pre-made layouts, tons of pictures and images, and a variety of colors and fonts.

They also have a CANVA for Work option that is $12.95 a month. If you’re serious about using images and graphics to grow your business I highly recommend this option.

Now, creatives (like me) also tend to get hung up on the details. I’m going to suggest you don’t. Take some time and play around with it. Use the pre-made templates and layouts they have and add your own personality to them. I also searched Pinterest and Google high and low for images, designs and formats I liked so I had a good idea of what I wanted to create.

One more thing I’d like to point out. I am not a trained graphic designer. I simply love what I do. I find it therapeutic, relaxing, and truly enjoy creating something that helps others. So don’t worry about not having specialized training or professional classes. If you like it, then keep creating and keep designing.

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