The 5 W's of How Graphics Can Enhance Your Business: Where & Why?

Where can you use them?

Graphics & printables can be used anywhere.

Personally, I’ve used them to increase my visibility on social media, as a bonus for an online course, and as a client intake questionnaire, I use with my one-on-one clients.

My clients have requested graphics for their online courses, landing pages, website pages, workshops, social media platforms, and free opt-ins.

The type of graphics they use are endless:

Facebook posts and group cover photos, Pinterest images, Instagram posts, Call-to-Action buttons, email headers, eBooks, guides, workbooks, “About Me” pics, checklists, and social media content calendars.

Why should you use them?

You may be asking, “That’s great, but why should I take the extra time or money to create them?”

Your clients are coming to you because you offer a solution to a problem - a problem they are struggling with.  You know how to deal with this problem. You can teach them or provide a product that will take care of this problem. If I’ve learned anything about people, it’s that not everyone is the same.

As a parent to 3 children, I learned long ago, that all of my children are completely different. They like different things, they learn in different ways, they definitely are not motivated by the same rewards or by the same consequences. It’s the same way with our potential clients.

People are attracted to different things. I’m someone who LOVES the idea of a checklist to go with an online course. Someone else may be interested in a course because of the bright, colorful images you used to advertise it.

People also learn in different ways. You may have one client who learns best when listening to an audio-only online course. Another person may retain more when they actively write notes down in a workbook or journal.

Where do you use graphics the most? And why do you use graphics in your business?



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