My Not-So-Secret System for Writing Blog Posts in One Hour or Less

Blogging offers so many opportunities for promoting your business, but it can be overwhelming for any business owner to add one more item to their ever-expanding to-do list. The benefits of blogging are definitely worth your time. A blog article is basically free advertising and a great platform where you can showcase specific products and highlight your unique services.

I’d like to share with you my not-so-secret system for writing blog posts consistently, week after week, in one hour or less. Yup, you read that right. You should be able to dedicate about one hour (or so) a week to add new content to your business blog.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Use a Content Calendar

The secret to cranking out consistent content is a content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar. Basically, it’s a list of categories or topics you want to write about on your blog. Having a variety of topics available at your fingertips is half the battle when it comes to writing a blog post. Don’t have a content calendar or want to know more about it? You can swipe mine here for free!

My ideal content calendar is scheduled three months in advance. I do this for one main reason - business goals. My business goals are scheduled per quarter, which is every three months. Each month I promote a particular service or product, and I want all of my content - blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts - to reflect that particular business goal.

Example: If I’m promoting my blog writing services (which I am this month) all of my content, including my blog articles, will have “blog posts” as their main theme.

Research Your Topic

Now that you have chosen the topic, you need to complete some research. There are obviously topics I’m more well-versed in than others (digital marketing, freelance writing, personal development) but there are plenty of others, even more, that I have very little first-hand knowledge.

Topics I have researched when writing for my clients include online jewelry retail, bankruptcy law, auto insurance, virtual assistance, and pregnancy and baby supplies, to name a few. When conducting research I typically focus on expert websites and popular blogs.

Example:  If I’m writing a blog post about auto insurance, I may visit popular auto insurance websites such as State Farm, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual. I may also research state laws regarding car insurance as well.

Write Your Post

I’m not going to lie to you. This part right here will take the longest, but breaking it up into smaller steps will make it easier and keep you much less frustrated.

I use an outline method for writing all of my blog posts. This works great for any topic or any word amount. I typically begin with the middle sections first, then write the introduction and conclusion.

  • First Paragraph - Introduction
    • Share the overall theme of the blog post. Typically you’ll be offering advice on how your business will solve a particular problem your audience has. Keep that in mind when writing your introductory paragraph. Help them see how your unique solution is the right one for them.
  • Main Content - Subheadings
    • Choose 3 or more main points you want to expand on related to the overall theme of the blog post. Make each main point its own paragraph.
  • Last Paragraph - Summary
    • Summarize the main points of the post. This will usually be your subheadings. It’s also very important to include a call to action of some kind here - sign up for an email list, buy your product, or schedule a free consultation.

Edit Your Post

I cannot stress this point enough. Be sure to edit and re-read your post. I cannot tell you how many times I thought everything was correct, not going that extra mile to read the post one more time, only to find an embarrassing error after the post is already published. Not only will you want to correct for grammar, you’ll also want to pay attention to the tone of voice, the flow of the wording, and that your content focuses on the main topic.

Add Shareable Images

The whole point of writing a blog post is to attract people to your website. Make it easy for them to share your blog article by including shareable images in every single post you write. This will, of course, depend on the social media platforms you utilize for your business. I always include at least two images, usually a generic social media image that can be shared across a few different platforms, and one Pinterest image.

Share Your Newly Published Blog Post

Once you’ve written, edited, and added images to your blog post, you can publish it and begin sharing the amazing content your ideal clients need to read. There are several places to share a blog post. Be sure to begin with:

  • Social media platforms for your business - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc
  • Other social media platforms - Facebook groups, shared Pinterest boards, LinkedIn groups
  • Your own email list - send them a quick email letting them know you’ve added new content that will be valuable for them to read

Having a simple system to follow will help you write and deliver new blog content on a consistent basis. There’s always a learning curve when adding something new to your routine, but as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. Well, it won’t be perfect but it will get easieFrom Starr the more you practice.

Not sure you have the time to dedicate to writing blog posts? No problem! From Start to Publish provides a blogging strategy that brings you steady, dependable traffic that will convert to clients and customers. Take the stress and grief out of planning, writing, and publishing your blog content with my professional blog writing services. Schedule your free consultation today.

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