How to Write a Welcome Email that Forms Genuine Connections


The #1 reason to send a welcome email to your new subscriber is to form a genuine connection with them.

(You thought I was going to say to make money.)

Yes, that is the ultimate goal of business, but you cannot have a thriving business without customers. You cannot have customers unless people learn to trust you, and people trust you when you form genuine connections with them.

When I opened my business last year, I networked in many Facebook groups, sharing my thoughts and opinions, and offering to help others with no promise of anything in return. Through authentically connecting with others, I received referrals from business friends, which lead to clients.

This was a direct result of building genuine connections with people.

How do you form these genuine connections? Below are three methods you can apply to create authentic connections with your new subscribers.

Capture Their Interest by Providing Value

You want to give others a reason to keep reading the content you are consistently producing. Provide value for them. For example, if I were to provide something of value to my subscribers, here are a few ideas of what I could offer:

  • A list of blog posts I’ve found helpful in regards to writing content
  • A free guide on how to write a blog post
  • A list of Facebook groups that will help them grow their business
  • A set of free social media templates they can use in promoting their business

Provide Information About Yourself

Others love to see the person behind the business. It helps them make a personal connection with you, especially when all they can see are emails and websites. This doesn’t mean you need to expose your whole life to people you truly don’t even know yet, but there are a few unique ways you can share your life with others.

  • Talk about how you got started in your business
  • Share your reason for creating your business
  • Include a picture of yourself, your pets, your family (if you feel this is appropriate)
  • Share a list of your favorite things - food, hobbies, music, movies

Inspire Your Audience

One of the best ways to inspire others is to share your own mistakes and what you’ve done to overcome them. Relate a story of one of your own business blunders. Be sure to share how you forgave yourself and offered yourself grace through the experience. Talk about what you learned from that particular incident. Remind them there is always something to be learned that will help them move forward.

Another way to inspire your audience is to ask them to reply to your email and share their own mistakes with you. Be willing to listen and be empathetic to their stories. Also, make sure you do respond when they email you.

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