Develop a Powerful Blogging Strategy That Will Expand Your Business

As I stated in my previous blog post, blogging is an untapped marketing tool for small business owners. It can help potential clients and customers see you as the expert in your field. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your products or services, and how they offer the results or solve the problem your customers have. Blogging gives you a platform from which to share your business. It also allows you to provide FREE value to your clients. Everyone loves something free!

It can be overwhelming to create a strategy for your business blog. This is why some business owners don’t use blogging as a marketing platform. It can be frustrating and often difficult to know where to begin.

Below I’ve outlined 4 steps to follow so you can create a solid and simple business strategy for your blog.

What is your goal?

You have to know what your goal is before you plan anything to accomplish it. Obviously, as a business, your goal is to generate income, but the simple goal “to generate income” is not enough if you want to seriously grow. What you’ll want to do is develop SMART goals - goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

One method I have used in the past for my own goals is to write a Mission Statement. For a business, you’ll want to write the statement keeping your product or service in mind. A mission statement asks the following questions - Who am I selling to, What is the purpose of my product or service, What methods will I use to market my product or service. This method will also help you complete the next steps involved in creating your blogging strategy.

Who is your ideal client?

You need to know who you’re selling to before you even begin selling. If you create a product that is specific to baby boomers, then there’s no reason to place any of your marketing energy into those who are 30 and under. If you provide a service to mothers of preschoolers, then by no means should you spend any time writing articles geared towards fathers of teenagers.

As you decide who your ideal client is, you’ll want to think about their age, gender, and season of life. You’ll also want to consider their pain points. What problem is your product or service solving for them?

What will you write?

Now that you know what your purpose is and who you’re writing to, it’s much easier to decide what you will be writing. Again, think about the pain points your ideal clients have. What is happening in their life that you can assist them with? How will your product drastically change their life? How can they use your product? What benefit will they receive from your services?

Once you have an idea of what you can write about, then it’s time to plan out that content. All you’re doing here is creating a schedule for your blog posts. This will include what you post and how often you post. This will save you a ton of time, so you can focus most of your time on serving your clients and customers.

Where will you share your blog posts?

This is probably the easiest step of all. There are so many options when it comes to showcasing your blog posts. Social media, of course, is by far the most effective option. Plus, it’s FREE! Many people get hung up on which platforms they should use, how many Facebook groups they should join, which Pinterest group boards are the best, and how many times a day they should post on Twitter. Those are all valid questions. My suggestion is to pick 2 social media platforms, to begin with, and begin posting and sharing your blog posts there.

Following these 4 steps will help you build your own blog strategy for your business. You can then tweak and change things according to your style and specific business.

Do you have a blog for your business? If not, would you like to begin? I offer affordable and simple blog coaching programs that will help you brainstorm and create your own blogging strategy. You can be ready within one week to begin implementing your blog plan, reaching new customers and clients, and generating more monthly income. Click on the link here to schedule a free consultation with me today.




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