5 Reasons You Need to Add Blogging to Your Business Strategy

Although blogging has been around for over 20 years, it seems that some small businesses are a bit hesitant to jump on the blogging bandwagon. And I totally get it. If I had not been a blogger before starting my own virtual assistant business, I may not understand the importance of blogging either.

As busy owners of small businesses, we only have so much time in our day. Often there is simply no room for blogging on our never-ending to-do lists. However, blogging is an untapped marketing platform. Spending time writing blog content, or hiring someone to write that content for you, is a small expense compared to the return on investment you will see.

Below I share 5 reasons blogging for your business leads to customers and clients.

Set Yourself Up as “The Expert”

In your blog, you can share short snippets of what your business does and how it helps your customers or clients. You can also share your background, work history, education, or any other skills or experience that led you to this area of business. This is a great tool for coaches, as many of them have been through the same exact struggles their potential clients are looking for help with.

Showcase Your Products

As a ghostwriter for product-based businesses, writing blog posts is a huge way to showcase your products to potential and buying customers. You can offer tips on how customers can use your product to improve their life. Offer ideas on how your product can bring them the results they are looking for. Share testimonials from previous customers. We know the best advertising is hearing from someone who has used your product and had a fabulous experience with it.

Show Real Results For Your Clients

Share an experience you had with a client (anonymously or receive permission from them). Talk about the problem they had, how the two of you worked together to create a solution, and then the results your client had from implementing "said" solution. You can never share enough of these type of posts. Every potential client needs to see how you work with others. He or she needs to see that you have the experience, knowledge, and skills to help them with their struggles as well.

Spread Awareness of What You Do

There are several places to share your blog posts once you hit “publish”. The great thing is most of them are FREE! Social media is the best platform for sharing your blog posts. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, even Instagram, can all be used to spread the word about your business. Think of it as a way of selling yourself, without ever having to go through a “sales pitch”.

Provide Value For FREE

Everyone loves free. Does not matter what it is, if it’s free, they will feel like they are gaining something for nothing. When you publish that blog post, sharing tips for using your products or the strategies you use to help your clients, you are giving them something extremely valuable. FREE knowledge! Giving value for free also shows your potential customers or clients that you are willing to give more than you take. It’s a great way to show you are interested in the people you are serving, not just their pocketbooks.

Do you blog for your business? If not, I’d love to chat about how we can work together, so you can begin to see results from this tried and true marketing strategy. Click the link here to schedule a free consultation with me.

If you do blog for business, what results have you seen for your own business? Feel free to share them below in the comments or on my Facebook Page, Virtual Services by Samantha.







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  • Yes, I agree with you. Blogging is an important aspect of business. It keeps customers coming over and over again and this benefits you in the long run, as you have an opportunity to showcase your products to them.


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